Goa Customs Officers Arrest Woman Passenger for Hiding 590 gm of Gold Paste in Her Waistband
Goa customs apprehended a woman passenger (Photo Credits: ANI)

Dabolim, February 11: Air Customs officials of Goa customs apprehended a female passenger, who was coming from Dubai, at Dabolim Airport in Goa on Monday. The officials recovered 590 grams of gold paste valued at Rs 18,08,840 from her. The gold paste was kept in a polythene packet concealed in the waistband of her pair of jeans. Hyderabad: Police Arrest Jewellery Shop Employee, Seize Rs 1 Cr Worth Ornaments.

The female passenger was travelling from Dubai and trying to smuggle gold in India. The gold was kept in the polythene packet which was hidden in the waistband of her pants. According to reports, the woman was arrested after the customs official noticed her weird behaviour. Later, the woman was arrested and gold was seized. Delhi: Custom Dept Seizes 600 Kg of 'Dry Chat' Worth Rs 12 Cr.

Visuals of seized gold shared by ANI

Earlier this month, two passengers were arrested from Mangaluru International Airport who tried to smuggle gold. The passengers were apprehended from Jet flight SG60 from Dubai to Mangalore. In the first instance, the passenger tried to smuggle 116.580 grams of gold in his rectum While in the other instance the passenger had concealed 358.78 grams of gold in the form of foils.