Two Indian Climbers From Kolkata Die Near Summit of Mount Kanchenjunga in Nepal
Kuntal Karar, one of the mountaineers who died. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Kathmandu, May 16: In a case of adventure gone wrong, two Indian climbers lost their lives near the Mount Kanchenjunga summit, during an expedition on the world's third highest mountain. The news of their death was confirmed on Thursday.

The hiking company that the mountaineers belonged to confirmed the news of their death. The climbers who died have been identified.

Biplab Baidya, a 48-year-old man and 46-year-old Kuntal Kanrar are the two mountaineers who lost their lives in the expedition.

Both the deceased mountaineers lived in Kolkata, said reports. While Baidya, died because of motion sickness, Kanrar lost his life after he fell down trying to climb the peak.

During the Himalayan season, a lot of people from India and especially from West Bengal and several Indian states visit Nepal for trekking.