Amalaki Ekadashi is the celebration of Ekadashi in the waxing phase of Phalgun month. On this auspicious day, devotees of Lord Vishnu observe the Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat. Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat 2022 will be observed on March 14. Every Hindu month has two Ekadashi celebrations. Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat is one of the important Ekadashi fasts, and it celebrates the Amala Tree. As we prepare to celebrate Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat 2022, here is everything you need to know about this festival, Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat timings, How to celebrate Amalaki Ekadashi, and more. March 2022 Holidays Calendar With Festivals & Events: Here's a List Of All Important Dates And Indian Bank Holidays.

When is Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat 2022?

As mentioned before, the Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat will be observed on the occasion of Ekadashi in the waxing phase of the moon in the Hindu month of Phalgun. This is also referred to as Shukla Paksha Phalgun Ekadashi. The Amalaki Ekadashi Tithi begins at 10:21 AM on Mar 13, 2022 and will go on till 12:05 PM on Mar 14, 2022. Since the sunrise during the Ekadashi tithi occurs on March 14, that will be considered as the day for Ekadashi fast.

Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat Timing 2022

The Ekadashi fast is one of the most stringent fasts that devotees of Lord Vishnu observe. People abstain from eating anything or even drinking water for the entire day. The fast is only broken at Prana Time after the Ekadashi Tithi is over. The Parana Time for Amalaki Ekadashi 2022 is from 06:47 AM to 09:11 AM on March 15.

Significance of Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat

All Ekadashi fasts are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in a tree, and amla trees have traditionally been worshipped to seek blessings from the deity. The celebration of Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat is especially important as it marks the beginning of the main celebrations of the Holi festival.

Observing the Ekadashi fast is believed to help people attain moksha and bring them peace and atonement from all their past sins. Here is wishing everyone a Happy Amalaki Ekadashi Vrat 2022.

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