United Arab Emirates National Day is celebrated on December 2 every year. On this day, the masterminds behind the formation of the UAE are honoured and remembered for their significant contributions. The seventh emirate, Ras al Khaimah, was added to the federation on 10 February 1972 making it the last emirate (state) to join. This year on December 2, 2022, the Emirates will celebrate its 51st anniversary. Top 7 Tourist Attractions in the United Arab Emirates That One Must Visit.

UAE is standing as one independent and powerful nation in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates National Day stands for the nationalisation of the British Protectorate Treaties, which were declared in 1968. People mark this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Through years of struggle, and hardship, the UAE has a great history that needs to be remembered. As we celebrate United Arab Emirates National Day 2022, let’s look at the history and significance of the day. United Arab Emirates to Launch Spacecraft to Moon in 2024.

History of United Arab Emirates National Day

The history of United Arab Emirates National Day dates back to 1968. The UAE was a separate country before 1960, which was once ruled by the colonial powers, first the Spanish in the 16th Century, then by Britain in the 17th Century. In 1820, the sheikhdoms signed the Trucial Sheikhdoms Treaty with the British government, which declared that Britain would safeguard the Gulf if the sheikhdoms agreed not to give up property for any business with other governments without prior authorisation. By the 1960s, Britain ended its pact with the Trucial sheikhdoms. After the pact of British protection expired in December 1971, the sheikhdoms of Bahrain and Qatar attempted to form a union, but both became independent countries. The rest of the Gulf States, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, joined the other emirates on December 2, 1971, and the United Arab Emirates was established.

United Arab Emirates National Day also falls on the anniversary of the federal unification of the six emirates (seven in 1972 after Ras Al Khaimah joined) in 1971 which combined to form the modern-day country, headed by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the federation's first president. Recently, the UAE National Day has been combined with Emirati Martyr’s Day which is on November 30.

Significance of United Arab Emirates National Day

On this day, people celebrate the national day with fireworks and grand celebrations. Shopping centres, malls, and institutions are decorated with the flag. Heritage Villages are set all over the UAE in order to celebrate this event traditionally. Holidays are given from National Day until two days later. Events and fireworks to other entertainments will be a grand celebration to make the day historic.

As per records, over 57% of UAE residents anticipate seeing fireworks during the UAE National Day weekend. On National Day of UAE, people decorate their homes, workplaces, cars and streets to celebrate the day. Palm trees are decorated with lights from the colours of the flag. Downtown Dubai is lightened with fireworks while the Burj Khalifa displays the UAE flag.

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