National Pollution Control Day is observed in India every year on December 2 and is also called National Pollution Prevention Day. The main objective of this day is to make people more aware of pollution control acts and industrial disasters. It is especially observed in the memory of the people who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. On the night of December 2-3 in 1984, due to an industrial accident, the gas Methyl Isocyanate leaked, killing thousands of people in Bhopal. Bhopal Gas Tragedy is considered one of the biggest industrial pollution disasters. The focus of this day, therefore, is on preventing any such incidents. On National Pollution Control Day 2022, know all about its date, history, significance and how this day is observed. World Pollution Prevention Day 2022 Date: Know History And Significance Of The Day That Raises Awareness About the Impact Of Pollution on Our Lives.

Date and History of National Pollution Control Day

As mentioned, National Pollution Control Day will be observed on December 2. The incident in 1984 on December 2-3 scared and traumatized not just the families of the victims and their future generations, but also the whole world because of the widespread reach of the industrial pollution disaster. This day is observed in memory of the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy since then to also help spread awareness about managing and controlling industrial disasters. Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Facts To Know About The 'World's Worst Industrial Disaster' That Killed 15,000.

Significance and Ways to Observe National Pollution Control Day

This day is observed in memory of the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. It is observed to make people and industries aware of the importance of pollution control acts and prevent pollution produced by industrial processes or human negligence. It recognizes that natural resources such as water, air, land or forest are being affected due to different types of pollution and it focuses on how such disasters can be avoided by reducing pollution and protecting the environment. On this day, the government spreads awareness about managing and controlling industrial disasters and people can observe it by spreading more information about the issue.

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