Paryushan Parv 2020 will start on August 15, and the week-long festival will end on August 22. It is a holy event for the Jains. There are no set rules, and followers are encouraged to practise according to their ability and desires. Seeking forgiveness from the near ones is also a significant part of the festival of Paryushana. Using the phrase, ‘Micchami Dukkadam,’ Jains forgive and seek forgiveness from their near ones and mark a new beginning. It is considered as auspicious among the people. But what does the phrase, Micchami Dukkadam mean? What is its significance during the Paryushana festival? In this article, we bring you the importance of the phrase, Micchami Dukkadam in Jainism.

Paryushan Parv 2020 will start on August 15. Fasting prayer, meditation are all part of observing Paryushana. The span of fasting can last from a day to 30 days, and at times, even more. There is no set rule. Followers are encouraged to practise according to their desires and abilities. The festival ends with the celebration of Samvatsari, which is forgiveness day. It is on this day, when people send each other Micchami Dukkadam greeting, seeking forgiveness from their near ones. Paryushan Parva 2020 Images and Micchami Dukkadam HD Wallpapers for Free Download Online. 

Micchami Dukkadam Meaning and Significance

Micchami Dukkadam is an ancient Indian phrase, translated from Prakit and it is commonly found in Jain text. The phrase plays a significant role among the Jain community during Paryushana festival. As a matter of ritual, Jains greet their friends and relatives on the last day of Paryushana or Samvatsari festival, with Micchami Dukkadam, seeking their forgiveness.

It means, “may all the evil that has been done be fruitless.” People belonging to the Jain community use the expression to seek forgiveness. They greet their friends, family members and near ones on the last day of Paryushana festival and share Micchami Dukkadam messages, asking their forgiveness.

As the holy Jain festival of Paryushana 2020 festival is almost here, prepare yourself for a week-long celebration, dedicated to meditation, prayers and fasting. Ask for forgiveness from your near ones and also forgive the ones, who intentionally or unintentionally may have hurt you in the past. Carry no grudge for each other and observe the holy festival of Paryushana.

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