Happy Vat Savitri 2022! As we observe this auspicious fasting festival which holds special significance in Sanatan Dharma, we bring to you its date, shubh muhurat, Vrat Katha, puja vidhi and significance. It is believed that on this day, worshipping Lord Vishnu and circumambulating the banyan tree fulfils your prayers about a happy married life. According to religious texts, the branches and the logs of the Vat tree are considered to be the form of Mother Savitri. This is the only tree in nature in which Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh reside. In religious texts, this fast has been compared with the fast of Karva Chauth.

This year Vat Savitri fast will be observed on May 30, 2022, Monday. According to a legend mentioned in Vishnu Purana, on this day Mother Savitri won back the life of her husband Satyavan from Yamraj by her hard penance. At the same time, it is said that with the blessings of Lord Shiva, Markandeya sage had a vision of Bal Mukund while sitting on a banyan tree. If you are wondering when will Vat Savitri fast be celebrated in the year 2022, its importance, auspicious time, etc.

Vat Savitri 2022 Date

According to the Hindu calendar, Vat Savitri Vrat is observed every year on the new moon day of the month of Jyeshtha, this year Vat Savitri Vrat will be celebrated on Monday, May 30 2022. Amavasya Tithi will start from 02:55 pm on 29th May and will end on 30th May at 05 pm. Vat Savitri fast will be observed on May 30 2022, Monday.

Vat Savitri Vrat Shubh Muhurat

Vat Savitri Vrat 2022 - 30 May 2022, Monday

Amavasya Tithi starts - on 29th May 2022, from 02:55 pm

End of Amavasya Tithi: 30 May 2022 till 05 PM

Vat Savitri Vrat Katha

Savitri was the only child of Rajarshi Ashwapati. Savitri chose Satyavan, the son of the forest-dweller king Dyumatsen, as her husband. But Naradji told them that Satyavan had a short life but Savitri did not change her decision. She married Satyavan and started living in the forest while serving his family. One day Satyavan went to the forest to cut wood and fell there. At the same time, Yamraj came to take Satyavan's life. Savitri, who had been fasting for three days, knew everything, she prayed to Yamraj not to take her husband's life. But Yamraj did not agree.

Savitri started following them. Even after refusing many times, she did not agree, so Yamraj was pleased with Savitri's courage and sacrifice and asked to ask for any three boons. Savitri asked for the light of the eyes of Satyavan's blind parents, asked for their snatched kingdom and asked for the boon of 100 sons for herself. After saying Tathastu, Yamraj understood that it is no longer possible to take Savitri's husband along. Blessing Savitri with the unbroken Saubhagyavati, he lost his life by bringing Satyavan alive. At that time Savitri was sitting under the banyan tree with her husband. That is why on this day women offer water and bhog to the banyan tree, praying for the long life of their family and life partner, wrap a thread on it and worship it.

In Hinduism, Vat Savitri Vrat is considered to be the best of all. It is believed that by worshiping Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi on this day, married life remains happy and childless get children. Along with this, all the obstacles that come in life come to an end. Keep in mind that this fast is not considered complete without the circumambulation and worship of the banyan tree. Therefore, do not forget to worship the Vat tree on this day.

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