Ekadashi is the eleventh day of every Hindu month and is considered to be extremely auspicious. On this day, religious followers of Hinduism and Jainism observe partial fast and perform various rituals to appease the mighty one. Vijaya Ekadashi is the Ekadashi that falls in the month of Magha and is considered to be the Ekadashi that was observed by Lord Rama. Vijay Ekadashi 2020 is being celebrated on February 19 and is of utmost significance for devotees across the world. People perform the Ekadashi Parana and also observe the Ekadashi fast on this day. Here’s everything you need to know about this annual commemoration.

When is Vijaya Ekadashi 2020?

Vijaya Ekadashi 2020 is being celebrated on February 19, 2020, and is marked by observing the monthly fast. Ekadashi is known for the fasts that people keep and it lasts through the tithi. This fast is broken at the Shubh timing of Ekadashi Parana.

Ekadashi Tithi Begins - 02:32 PM on Feb 18, 2020

Ekadashi Tithi Ends - 03:02 PM on Feb 19, 2020

Ekadashi Parana Time - 06:56 AM to 09:11 AM

Why is Vijaya Ekadashi significant?

While all Ekadashis are considered to be auspicious, Vijaya Ekadashi marks the day that Lord Rama first observed the Ekadashi fast to find a solution for reaching Lanka. It is believed that Lord Ram’s route through the bridge was the fruit of this stringent fast. People observe the Ekadashi fast as they believe that it can help them find solutions to their life issues and bring them closer to a solution.

The Ekadashi fast is observed in different ways by people across the country. While some partake in the stringent and extremely challenging Nirjala Vrat (no water, no food), others simply avoid eating any grains. This fast is said to wash away our sins and help us get closer to God and oneself. This Vijaya Ekadashi, we hope that you too find the power to defeat your demons.

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