World Food Day 2018: Date, History, Theme & Significance of Day Dedicated by FAO to Eradicate Hunger
World Food Day 2018 (Photo credits: Pixabay)

October 16 every year is celebrated as World Food Day in all the countries. It is a day dedicated to tackling global hunger. The day has been launched by the United Nations in the year 1945. The date coincides with the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organization. Several organisations which are concerned regarding the food security bring in the celebrations of this. As much as the world is progressing day by day, there are many other problems crippling every society- hunger happens to be one of them. World Food Day 2018 falls on a Tuesday this year. Swine Flu Outbreak in China Can Spread To Rest Of Asia Says UN Food and Agriculture Organization. 

International Fund for Agricultural Development, the World Food Program, and other such organisations mark awareness programmes about ensuring food security in the world. It talks about the people who are battling hunger all over the world. It also concentrates on providing nutritious diets for the people.

History of World Food Day

World Food Day actually celebrates the formation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the year 1979. Country members of FAO had their first celebrations in November 1979, at its 20th General Conference. Dr Pal Romany the Minister of Hungary for Agriculture and Food spoke of launching the World Food Day in different countries. More than 150 countries actively take part in spreading knowledge and awareness about the causes and solutions to hunger.

Theme of World Food Day

The World Food Day is celebrated addressing different aspects of agriculture. The theme for World Food Day 2018 is "our actions are our future." Some of the previous themes have been around sustainable farming, right to food, climate change etc. This theme calls out to everyone to act responsibly so that the food security for the future remains secure.

Significance of World Food Day

The main aim behind observing World Food Day is to create an environment of food security around the world. The day stresses the importance of agriculture as a way to fulfilling the food needs of everyone. It also talks of the food policies to ensure by governments all over the world so that there is no crisis. It talks of the health benefits and the constant need of nutrition all over the world.

The celebrations may vary from country to country. Ardent food lovers gather together and make a promise of keeping only hygienic food habits. NGOs also come together in urban parts of the city and create awareness and measures to reduce hunger. Sometimes there are street plays and dramas arranged to give out a message of food safety. How do you plan to celebrate World Food Day, do let us know in the comments section?