The innumerable forms of animals and plants that live in the wild have an incalculable value as they play a major role in ecological, cultural, scientific, social, and aesthetic aspects of human well-being. World Wildlife Day is an annual observance that is celebrated on March 3 every year to protect and raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that we get from flora and fauna. Earth is home to numerous varieties of plants and animals. The delicate balance between all the different forms of life makes life possible on the planet. The day is celebrated by environmentalists, social activists, and zoophilists across the world. March 2022 Holidays Calendar With Festivals & Events: Here's List Of All Important Dates And Indian Bank Holidays for the Month.

Theme For World Wildlife Day 2022

World Wildlife Day will be observed on Thursday under the theme "Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration". The theme seeks to draw attention to the conservation status of all the endangered species of flora and fauna. The global celebration will focus on ways and solutions to protect critically endangered species. All conversations will be inspired by and seek to inform efforts towards the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 12, 13, and 15.

World Wildlife Day History

The UN General Assembly declared the day of adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna, as World Wildlife Day. This was announced on December 20, 2013. On March 3, 2014, the first World Wildlife Day was celebrated.

WATCH Video On World Wildlife Day 2022 - Recovering Key Species For Ecosystem Restoration

Significance Of Observing World Wildlife Day

Human activities have already affected a quarter of wildlife species so far and in times to come the next generation may only see certain animals and trees on textbooks. Human actions like mining, cutting down trees to build buildings, clearing grounds for making roads; all these activities miserably destroy the natural habitat of lakhs of flora and fauna. Development doesn't mean disturbing the ecological system. Henceforth, World Wildlife Day aims to explain the beauty and need of the natural world and also support the restoration of wildlife habitats and ecosystems and promote their sustainable use by humanity.

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