Bacon is a staple food in America. It is pork meat cured with salt, followed by drying or smoking. The term bacon originates from Middle English with French and German dialect elements. Till the 16th century, it was used to refer to all pork meat. Here's a collection of scrumptious bacon recipes that a person can try as a wholesome meal for dinner as well as breakfast with family and friends. These bacon recipes are easy to prepare and absolutely gastronomical wonders. From Bacon-Wrapped To Bean & Cheese Filling, 5 Delish Burritos That Will Make Your Mouth Water! 

1. Bacon-Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A mouth-watering bacon-grilled cheese sandwich is a perfect dish to start your day. You can include it in your breakfast and have the best bacon dish experience.

2. Eggs in Bacon Basket

The eggs in the bacon basket are a great appetiser, aperitif and brunch idea. If you are planning to invite your friends over, go for this yummylicious dish. Try this tutorial to make eggs in a bacon basket, which will serve as a perfect starter for your party. How to Make Bacon Cheese Pizza? Ingredients and Easy Recipe Ideas to Prepare Delicious Bacon Pizza (Watch Video).

3. Creamy Bacon Pasta

Almost everyone loves pasta. Adding to the taste, you can try this ultimate recipe by adding bacon to your regular pasta. This recipe will give you a creamy experience, adding to any occasion.

4. Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Fettucine

Though this recipe uses beef bacon for making the fettuccine, you can try any bacon of your choice to make it in your style. Though bacon is mainly enjoyed for breakfast in sandwiches nowadays with so many experiments, there have been many discoveries in bacon recipes.

5. Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara

Using amazing ingredients like Spaghetti, beef cube, parmesan cheese, mushroom, all-purpose cream, etc., you can easily make this delicious Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara.

In the US, bacon is the belly of a pig, whereas meat from the pig’s loin is called Canadian bacon. Bacon is loved by many in various recipes. There is a dedicated day to celebrate bacon. Yes, you have heard it right. International Bacon Day is observed in several countries, though the dates may vary.

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