National Hot Dog Day 2020 will be celebrated on July 22 in the United States of America. This event is observed by enjoying different types of hot dogs and organising activities like root beer chugging contests and face painting. Industry groups, such as the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council in the USA, encourage, sponsor, and support the events. The Council has declared July as National Hot Dog Month and the day is usually celebrated on the third Wednesday of July, which this year falls on July 22, 2020. On the occasion of National Hot Dog Day 2020 (US), let us take a look at different varieties of hot dogs available in the United States. National Hot Dog Day 2020: Step-By-Step Recipe to Make Lip-smacking Chicken Hot Dogs at Home.

The North American Meat Institute hosts its annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill on National Hot Dog Day. The council also gives advice on hot-dog eating etiquette, which aren't considered strict. This year due to coronavirus pandemic situation outdoor events which involve public gathering will not take place. It is best to stay home on National Hot Dog Day 2020 and enjoy hot dogs by preparing them by yourself or ordering them online from a local eatery.

Five Different Varieties of Hot Dogs

1. Seattle Dog - Seattle dog is a variety of hot dog made by toasted bun and sausage that is topped with cream cheese, barbecue sauce, cabbage and a large number of grilled onions. This type of hot dog was created in 1988 by Hadley Longe, a bagel man who originally placed a sausage on a bagel with cream cheese and sold it near Pioneer Square.

2. Coney Dog - Coney Dog was created by the Greeks and Macedonians who had immigrated to Detroit and passed through Coney Island on their way. This popular dish is being consumed since 1917. It is a beef hot dog that is topped with beanless, all-meat chilli, yellow mustard and diced white onions, served in a warm steamed bun.

3. Polish Boy - Polish boy is the signature sandwich of Cleveland, Ohio, and consists of kielbasa sausage, coleslaw, fries, and barbecue sauce in a bun. This variety of hot dog was invented by a restaurant owner named Virgil Whitmore in the 1940s, who combined a smoked beef sausage with other available ingredients that he had in the restaurant.

4. Chicago Style Hot Dog - Chicago-style hot dogs became popular during the harsh times of the Great Depression. Chicago hot dog was born as the vendors offered a flavourful, hot meal on a bun and started selling it for only a nickel. In Chicago, there are more hot dog restaurants than McDonald, Burger Kings and Wendy's combined.

5. Cheese Dog - Cheese dogs are one of the numerous hot dog varieties found in the United States. It is a simple hot dog served with heaps of cheddar cheese which partially melts on the sizzling hot sausage. This type of hot dog is an all-time American favourite, eaten across the country.

You can enjoy any of the above-mentioned varieties of hot dog on National Hot Dog Day 2020. Do remember to click your picture while enjoying this delicacy and also share the same on social media to become part of this day's celebration.

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