Nothing gets the party started on Fourth of July like Jello shots! The Fourth of July 2020 celebration is almost here, and there are so many preparations which may still have to make. Yes, this year’s 4th of July celebration will be different in the United States of America given the rising cases of coronavirus, but it does not mean that the observation should be any less fun. Americans will significantly be celebrating this day at home. Many recipes would be prepared, especially the three-layered red, white and blue jello shots that have all the festive spirit in it. So how to make the patriotic jello shots? In this article, we bring you a super easy recipe to make the three-layered drink to mark the American Independence Day in joy. The recipe also includes a quick video that guides you how you can make the cold and refreshing jello shots. Fourth of July 2020 Fireworks Live Streaming for Free Online: From Macy’s to Washington D.C., Here’s Where and How You Can Watch American Independence Day Firework Display From Home. 

A red, white and blue drink is a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July 2020. There are many cocktail recipes as well that goes with the colour theme to celebrate the American Independence Day. But the patriotic jello shots is like a tradition that almost everyone makes on the day. This is a fun recipe to make year after year for the 4th of July party. Once you are done with the process, be sure to keep the shots in cold temperature before bringing them to the hall to start the Fourth of July 2020 celebration. What Happened on 4th July 1776? How Old is America? All The FAQs Answered Ahead of US Independence Day. 

Patriotic Jello Shots Ingredients: Blue jello, red jello, unflavoured gelatin, coconut milk, sugar, alcohol of your choice, water and some jello shot cups.

How to Make Patriotic Jello Shots?

  • For the blue layer, add one cup of boiling water to the blue jello, stir well, until dissolved.
  • Add 1 cup of alcohol, stir and allow it to cool for several minutes and transfer it to the fridge.
  • For the white layer, add one cup of water to the saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin powder over it. Allow it to bloom for a few minutes. All the gelatin powder should be touching the water.
  • Now stir it in one cup of coconut milk. Stir well, cooking on low, until the gelatin is fully dissolved. Add the sugar and stir l until dissolved. Remove from the heat.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and one cup of alcohol. Let it cool and now carefully add the white layer to your blue coat in each cup. Transfer it to the fridge.
  • For the red layer, add one cup of boiling water to the red jello, stir well until dissolved.
  • Ad one cup of alcohol and stir.
  • Carefully pour it over the white layer, so that it does not mix. Transfer it to the fridge.
  • Allow the layers to set before you take them out.

Watch Video: Patriotic Jello Shots Recipe

Now that you know the recipe, it is easier for you to make the patriotic jello shots. The key to perfect layered shot is timing. So, make sure you have a few hours ahead of you before you start making this recipe. Enjoy your three-coloured layered red, white and blue jello shots to celebrate Fourth of July 2020.

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