From Under-Boob to Wide-Set, Types of Cleavages You Didn’t Know Exist!
Types of Cleavage (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Photo)

A good cleavage is as important as a good pair of breasts to make you feel like a super sexy goddess. Even when you are wearing the most basic of attires, a sexy cleavage helps you up your game. In fact, sometimes even a little bit of cleavage goes a long way.  A sexy cleavage totally depends on how the woman flaunts it. Many dresses with a plunging neckline help you enhance your cleavage the way you want. FYI, some people even opt for cleavage contouring to get a more defined look while wearing certain outfits.  Just like there exist various types of boobs, different types of cleavages will also blow your mind! Check out the types of cleavages. Ways NOT to make your boobs look bigger: weird hacks to achieve bigger breasts that are myths. 

Unbreathable Cleavage

Usually pressed by the neckline of the dress, bikini or bra you're wearing, an unbreathable cleavage forms a bulge, making it look like the person has a hard time breathing. But it does look super sexy!

Bouncy Cleavage

This is the kind of jiggly cleavage that "bounces" when you move. The bounciness of the cleavage usually depends on skin texture and softness.

Deep Cleavage

This usually happens you wear a plunging neckline. These cleavages seem laid back and rested on your upper abdomen.

Wide-Set Cleavage

This type of cleavage has both the breasts set away from each other. There's ample space between both the breasts in the wide-set cleavage.

Straight Line Cleavage

Usually seen in busty women, this type of cleavage looks like a straight line without any gap between the two breasts.

Under-Boob Cleavage

While wearing a crop top or an upside-down bikini,  the lower portion of your breasts is exposed, giving you the very popular under-boob cleavage! Boobie Secrets 101: 9 Funny and Crazy Things Girls Do With Their Boobs Secretly You Wished You Knew.

Whatever the type of cleavage you may have,  it all depends on how you flaunt it and how much are you really comfortable with. A lot also depends on the type of dress you are wearing and lingerie. Make sure you choose the right undergarments to avoid wardrobe mishaps for a stunning cleavage show!