The cases of Coronavirus in the country are rising day by day. While lockdown continues to be enforced in some places, other regions are seeing relaxation since last week. But it is still important to follow social distancing norms. While many people continue to access news updates for latest happenings related to COVID-19, too much of exposure to new information can trigger anxiety issues in some. It is called as Information Overload when you cannot help but constantly wait for new updates. Unfortunately, since most of the news is related to the rising numbers and come across as negative, it is important to switch off for a while. The Ministry of Information and Broadcast shared a checklist giving the points of how to recognize if you are suffering from information overload. Coronavirus Pandemic: Ease Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak with These CDC-Recommended Tips.

Reading of too much news related to a single topic can trigger anxiety about it and coronavirus is the topic of interest over the last few days. Some of the points on MIB's checklist include strong compulsion to check news and notifications, feeling a sense of control over what's happening, craving new information, tiredness and insomnia, diminished productivity. Other points include low energy, difficulty to concentrate. They have tweeted a chart which lists all the following points. In the next thread, they also mention of techniques to deal with information overload. Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Pandemic: Bored of Cooking and Exercising? Here are Off-Beat Ways to Practice Self-Care to Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

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Among the techniques to deal with it, they mention keeping up hobbies, ones that do not involve a computer screen. Reading books, doing exercise, taking a break from information and getting enough sleep are also the ways to deal with it. Filtering of what information you access online is also important.

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There are a lot of fake news and reports that get passed along on the internet and many believe in them, pass it further. It only creates much panic, fuelling more anxiety. So it is important to take a break, set time and set limits for your time online. If you are suffering from such anxious situations right now, or know someone who does, then share the above pointers with them.

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