Difference Between Flirting and Cheating: 5 Signs That You Have Crossed the Line
Flirting or cheating? (Photo Credits: Max Pixel)

Okay, so you are in a relationship and you have held your colleague’s shoulder longer than necessary at a happy hour. Or you have put too many heart emojis while texting to a friend. That is harmless flirting but flirting is a slippery slope and you will never know when you slip. Sometimes, that might seem innocent may be taking things to the next level. Here are signs that it is no longer healthy flirting.

1. You Share Details You Don’t Share With Your Partner

You are emotionally cheating if you begin to disclose or reveal details about yourself you never shared with your partner. It is normal to get emotionally drawn to people but just ask yourself what is in that person that is not in your partner. Ask yourself if it is worth to pursue this emotional connection.  Adultery not a crime anymore! Expert explains attractions outside marriage, cheating and extramarital relationships. 

2. You Crack Inside Jokes

Cracking inside jokes are not considered healthy flirting. It can brew a lot of problem in your relationship. Imagine you are at a social function and you have all the inside jokes with someone else. Won’t it be hurtful to your partner? It’s a huge sign that your flirting is moving to a more serious direction because that establishes a circle of intimacy.

3. You Are a Chronic Flirt

There is no shame in the flirting game but it is a problem if you are a ‘chronic flirt’. It is a huge giveaway that you are probably not ready for a long-term commitment. If you consider yourself a Casanova, it only makes sense to end your relationship as there could be a lot of heartache in store for your significant other. Did Prince William Cheat on Kate Middleton During her Third Pregnancy? The Duke's Lawyers Rubbish all the Stories.

4. You Seek Emotional Support

If it is just surface-level relation with your co-worker or friend, flirt away. However, know that you have crossed the line if you started leaning on that person for emotional support. It’s okay if you do not go to your partner first when you get bad news, but if that’s not somebody you have been relying on in the past, don’t force yourself to run to the new person either.

5. You are Afraid to Tell Your Partner About Your Crush

If everything is in black and white, it is all cool. But if you are keeping a flirty relationship to yourself, you are subconsciously guilty of cheating. You have probably started to cross the line when you fear to tell your flirty tales to your significant other.