Does Losing Weight Make Your Breasts Smaller? Read to Know the Truth
Losing weight and reduced breast size. (Photo Credits: Bruce Mars/Unsplash)

Women, nowadays, are predominantly concerned about two 'B's' in their life. And no, one of them is not 'boys'. They are 'boobs' and 'booty'. In the 'Kardashian' era, women are concerned about how their assets look. Nothing wrong in that though. What they worry most is will weight loss also reduce the size of their beautifully endowed breasts? Everybody works out to stay fit and when you are striving for that perfect summer bod, you may lose some fat from your breasts as well. So yes, losing weight indeed affects your boob size. But that should definitely not stop you from working out. Here are some factors one needs to keep in mind, to keep the worry at bay.

As breasts are composed of fatty issue, losing weight is definitely going to change your breast size. Women usually store fat in abdominal areas and thighs. But when fat is lost, it affects the entire body and you don't lose weight just from a particular area. However, you tend to lose weight faster from certain areas than others, which also includes breasts. Hence, a lot of women notice the change in their breasts faster during their weight loss journey.

Unhealthy Diet Weight Loss & Breast Sag

Crash and unhealthy diets may help you lose weight faster but will also sag your breasts. When you lose weight quickly, the elastin and collagen that support your breast tissue experience stress, causing them to break down rapidly. Losing and regaining pounds will deteriorate your breasts prematurely, leaving them permanently flaccid in the long run.

Healthy Weight Loss & Breast Size

When you lose weight at slow and sustainable rate, your breasts experience less impact. Be smart and use safe measures such as moderate exercise and diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods. Certain exercises help strengthen and tone your chest such as push-ups, chest presses with dumbbells and chest flies. They help lose fat and build muscle in that area.

Follow a diet that becomes your lifestyle in the long-run. Do not look for quicker alternatives as you will not achieve long-term benefits. You tend to lose weight proportionately all over your body, keeping your shape intact. Also, women who have large breasts in relation to their over all frame, they will most likely stay large in comparison even as you lose weight.