Is Sugaring Better Than Waxing? Everything You Need To Know About This Hair Removal Method to Do Away With Unwanted Body Hair Permanently
Sugaring (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

You will never find a hair removal technique that you will genuine love. From waxing to shaving to laser hair removal, every method to get rid of unwanted hair can either be painful or taxing or expensive. But if you are looking for a less invasive alternative for waxing, sugaring is something you would want to give a shot. While, it may not be the solution to all your body hair woes, the technique can definitely be worth a try. Here's everything you need to know about sugaring, if you have never done one.

What Is Sugaring?

People in the ancient Mesopotamia, Greek and Egyptian civilisation, used sugaring as a body hair removal technique. A golden honey-hued paste of lemon juice, sugar and water is used for hair removal. The paste is applied on the skin using a flicking motion and the hair is then removed without lifting your skin.  It is a natural, chemical-free formula and can be an excellent waxing alternative for sensitive skin. Sugaring removes the hair from its root, so you can expect a thinner growth over time. 

Does Sugaring Hurt?

First of all, pain is subjective. You will experience some level of pain since you are pulling your hair out, but the process can be way more comfortable than waxing. You will grin knowing that you will not experience any burning or stinging sensation with sugaring. Hair Removal Hacks for the Smooth Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Is Sugaring Better Than Waxing?

While both waxing and sugaring yield the same results, sugaring can be way gentler on your skin than waxing. Coming to the downside, sugaring does not remove the dead layer of skin like waxing.

Sugaring paste is water-soluble and the process does not require any paper strips to remove hair. It is a 100 percent environment-friendly process.

Can Sugaring Permanently Remove Body Hair?

If you have regularly been using sugaring as a hair removal method, you do not have to worry about your body hair growing back thicker.  The method pulls the hair out by root, and damages the hair follicle every time you use the sugaring paste. The hair follicle will eventually stop growing back, so the longer you sugar, the lesser will be the hair growth. Ingrown Hair in Vaginal Area: How to Fix the Problem in Your Vulva for Good!

Is Sugaring Good For Your Face?

With sugaring, you can remove unwanted hair anywhere in your body including your face. However if you use retinoid or chemical exfoliants on your skin, you would want to talk to your dermatologist before you go for the process. Also, skip sugaring if you have rashes, open pores, swelling, bruises, sunburn, and cold sores. The warm formula can irritate your skin resulting in ingrown hairs and burns.

How Long Does The Hair Need To Grow For Sugaring?

To get the best results, the size of the hair should at least be of a rice grain. That's about four to six weeks of hair growth on an average. Reschedule your sugaring appointment if your body hair is not long enough to be removed.

How Do You Prepare For Sugaring?

Take a shower before your appointment however, make sure that you avoid hot water, oil and body lotion. Show up in baggy clothes for your appointment since your freshly-sugared skin will need room to breathe. Woman’s Armpit Gets Glued To Body After Using Hot Wax at Home (Watch Video)

How to Get the Best Results After Sugaring?

Wait for 24 hours to shower, have sex or workout after sugaring. Your skin is super sensitive after sugaring and you would not want to introduce any new bacteria. You would also want to replace hot shower with lukewarm ones to safeguard your skin. Also, ensure that you load up on body oil, sunscreen and moisturisers to prevent infection.

If your skin is sensitive, sugaring can be a gentle and less-painful way of getting rid of unwanted body hair. In fact, sugaring can be a total game-changer if you want crazy smooth skin.