National Cancer Survivors Day 2020 is commemorated every year on June 7. NCSD is observed to raise awareness about cancer which is one of the deadliest diseases that is becoming increasingly common in this world. We all know someone who has combated this disease and understand that getting through cancer is not only a challenge for the person battling this illness but their entire family. This is the main reason that Cancer Survivors and their inspiring stories are celebrated across the world. In the United States, people observe the National Cancer Survivors Day on the first Sunday of June every year. This is a crucial observance not only in the lives of those who have battled this disease, but also for activists, doctors, etc to raise awareness about the ways of combating cancer, how to ensure early diagnosis and to promote life habits that can help reduce the chances of getting this disease. World Cancer Day 2020 Date & Theme: Know The History And Significance of The Day That Aims To Increase Cancer Awareness. 

When is National Cancer Survivors Day celebrated?

As mentioned above, National Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of June every year. The celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day this year will, therefore, be observed on June 7.

Why is National Cancer Survivors Day observed?

National Cancer Survivors Day was established to celebrate the spirit of the people who have won the battle against cancer. This not only acknowledges their efforts but also gives hope to the people battling this deadly disease. A survivor is defined by the National Cancer Survivors Day foundation as the person who has a history of suffering right from the diagnosis stage. This day is also known for raising funds for cancer patients.

How is National Cancer Survivors Day celebrated?

On this day people from various walks of life come together with people who have survived cancer along with the newly diagnosed ones giving them hope and strength to fight the same. By every passing day and year, we are developing new ways to fight cancer and the fatality rate is decreasing. Celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day is a reminder of the long journey that we have already covered and also raises awareness on the simple steps that we can help to make life easier for these cancer survivors.

Winning the fight against Cancer is in itself a great reason to celebrate. But at the same time, it is important to support those who are still battling this deadly disease. The celebrations could include attending events, raising awareness or participating in fundraising events. While National Cancer Survivors Day celebrations usually had several offline events, the observance is bound to take the online route this year. We hope that this National Cancer Survivors Day, you take the step to help those in need by doing your part.

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