Men enjoy foreplay as much as women do, especially when it comes to having oral sex. Receiving fellatio is one of the most exciting things for men in terms of being intimate with their partners. However, many men find themselves in a situation where they have not had oral sex with their girlfriend or wife despite having an active sex life. Despite wanting to have oral sex with a partner, some couples shy away from talking about it or taking that step. Men like oral sex a lot and so do women. However, people find it difficult to ask their partner for oral sex. There are many reasons for this. But today let's talk about things to remember while you enjoy oral sex. Why Are Some Women Reluctant to Receive Oral Sex? Here Are Some Physiological and Psychological Factors That Come In Play.

Oral Sex Equality

If you are a man and want to start having oral sex, why not start by giving her oral sex first? Don’t just do it as work or think of it as a sacrifice. Instead, try to really enjoy it and look for new ways to please your partner with your fingers and mouth.

Maintain cleanliness

Body odour is one of the biggest hurdles, and if you try to use deodorants or cologne, it will only make it worse. Keep your genitals as sweat-free as possible by washing yourself before getting intimate with your partner. Shave your genitals and keep yourself clean so that you do not have any problems while giving/enjoying oral sex with your partner.

Talk to Your Partner

During foreplay tell your partner what you will do with them in bed. Whisper in her ears and kiss her passionately. Tell them what you want and how much fun you would have if they had oral sex with you. Chances are, she hasn't given you a blowjob yet, because maybe she doesn't know how to get started? So guide them and tell them how you would like it.

Consent is Important

There will be times when you will have to realise how important consent is. Don't force your partner to have oral sex, or force them to do so. It will only make it a painful experience. If you put pressure on them, they will feel that you do not respect him or care about their feelings.

Diet for Oral Sex

Don't make the mistake of ejaculating inside her mouth unless you have talked to her before and if she is comfortable. Remember that your diet plays an important role in the taste of your semen or your vagina, so avoid overly fried and greasy foods, coffee, dairy products, onions, garlic and tobacco. Instead, include more fresh fruits in your diet and drink enough water to make you taste better down there.

However, if you do something wrong during oral sex or you do not understand how to do it, do not hesitate to seek help or advice from your partner. Also, you need to understand that every person is different and they like different things in bed. The better you understand your partner's wishes, the easier it will be for you.

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