There are various foods that are believed to hamper an individual’s sex life. While some of them have been scientifically proven to have affected a particular sex’s sex life, the others are just assumed to have adverse effects. One such misconception is that tamarind can reduce a man’s sexual appetite and also affect his performance in bed. Several cultures have been blindfolded by this long-held myth for centuries that not just tamarind but other sour foods like oranges and lime which have a high ratio of Vitamin C can downplay a man’s sex life. Sex Query of the Week: 11 Best Sex Drive Foods or Aphrodisiacs to Improve Your Libido.

In fact, on the contrary, if reports are to be believed, Vitamin C plays a key factor in harnessing a man’s sex life as it has several health benefits. To begin with, Vitamin C that is present in abundance in tamarind plays a key role in increasing male semen. Not only that, but some studies also suggest that Vitamin C helps prevent sperm deaths inside the testicles and also helps increase the sperm count in men.

When a man’s body produces a lesser number of free radicals, it leads to a lowering and slow sperm count. However, consumption of tamarind and other Vitamin C-rich foods can help increase the production of these free radicals, thereby increasing the sperm count.

Apart from these, tamarind has many other health benefits like:

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help protect from heart diseases and diabetes
  • Can help curb calorie intake
  • Reverse fatty liver disease
  • High in magnesium which helps in over 600 body functions
  • Can help lower blood pressure
  • Tamarind can also be used to treat diseases like malaria, suggest studies

Apart from the antimicrobial effects that tamarind has on the body, it also helps in maintaining good sperm health. It is a well-known fact that one of the pre-conditions to conceive a child is to have a good and healthy sperm. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in helping maintain good sperm health, suggests a study.

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