Summer 2019: Handbag Essentials That You Must Always Carry Around to Beat the Heat!
Summer handbag essentials (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

New Delhi [India], May 22: This year the sun is shining too bright rather its getting harsh. And too much exposure to the skin can also damage your skin. Sweaty skin is a big put off. The scorching summer sun is not only a nightmare for the skin but it may also dampen your fashion spirit. The worry of skin damage may force you to opt for full coverage clothes. So, does it mean you should compromise on your style quotient? The answer is - No! Only a little effort is needed for style and skin protection to go hand-in-hand. All you have to do is carry these handbag essentials whenever you step out to ensure you look your radiant best this summer. Summer Foods 2019: Beat The Heat And Boost Your Energy With These Nutritious Foods.

Sunscreen- Sunscreen protects the skin by absorbing and reflecting both UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, it's a must to carry one with a good Sun Protection Factor (SPF) strength. SPF indicates the amount of sunburn protection the product can offer. You should opt for a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or above to minimise skin damage.

Wet wipes- Sweaty skin in summers can house dirt and pollution. One swipe of the product can easily remove all of those pollutants and the bonus is that it also makes your face look fresh in no time.Lip balm - Lips are delicate and more vulnerable to damage by sun rays. Make sure to keep them hydrated and protected by applying moisturising balm with SPF.

Rose Water- A spray bottle filled with rose water can do wonders for your skin in summer. A drizzle of rose water on the face can keep the skin hydrated adding the much-needed glow and sheen. Beauty Tips for Summer: Guide to Get Your Skin Summer Ready.

Dry/ Spray Shampoo- Sweat and dust strip down your shine and makes it sticky. In such a case, a spray shampoo can act as your BFF by ridding you of all such problems. Just spray the shampoo on hair roots, and then blend it by combing your hair to further work the formula into your hair.

Sunglasses- Wearing sunglasses is as important as wearing sunscreen so don't forget to save your eyes from sun rays and dust. Wear a pair of good mirror-coated or anti-reflecting sunglasses while stepping out.

Deodorant- Sweating is the natural phenomena that keep the body cool. However, no one wants to stand beside a stinking person right. Just keep a pocket-size roll on or deodorant handy to rule out any body odour.

Pocket umbrella- In case you forget to carry any of the above-mentioned products, your umbrella can fill in for all of them. Carry an acrylic coating umbrella, it will not only protect your face but will also keep arms under shade.

So if you haven't been carrying around these things everyday, it is time you need to keep your summer bag ready. These summer essentials can definitely help you beat the heat. So stock up on these items and make sure you carry them around everyday. (With ANI Inputs)