Dr. Stephanie Brown (@stephbrownmd) is uniquely positioned to coach today’s high-achieving women who are approaching burnout. As a Life coach and physician, she understands the internal and external elements of wellness that are essential for us to feel aligned. In a world where so few women have a seat at the table, “we need the ones who do to thrive.”

Dr. Stephanie coaches high-powered professional women, especially African-American women, to become aligned with the best version of themselves so they can prosper financially and personally through work on boundaries, energetic assessment, and radical self-care. Her REALIGN system has helped countless women let go so they could level up.

Stephanie has over two decades of experience advocating for women, practicing intuitive listening, and healing work as a Family Physician and  Certified Leadership Coach. She is a graduate of Duke University and Howard College of Medicine and understands the unique pressures that high-powered professional women face on a daily basis. She is an experienced Professional Life coach who has earned the PCC credential from the ICF. Not to mention, she was recently recognized as the top 1% Life Coach by Yahoo Finance.

Stephanie Brown Coaching LLC specializes in group coaching and one-on-one coaching. She believes that every leader needs a coach and a positive inner circle. For Stephanie, “The higher you go, it's important to have like-minded people who can keep you motivated and hold you accountable as well as open doors for you.”

At the end of a coaching program, people can expect to have made significant progress towards their goals. They have shifted their energy to align with their most authentic voice and are now ready to make the next chapter of their life the absolute best. Dr. Stephanie uses core energy techniques because she believes that releasing energy blocks frees everyone up to create and live their best life now truly.