The year of 2020 may feel like it went away too fast for some, but ask the regular travelers and they'd agree that it has been the slowest one ever. This pandemic-ridden year saw the world coming to a stop. International travel or even travel within national borders was a difficult choice to make, at the cost of risking one's health. Virtual tours and flights to nowhere became extremely popular forms of traveling amid pandemic. But as gradually things start looking brighter, travel industry might see a boom like never before! Even a non-traveller is itching to travel and explore the places, even if they are the ones they been to before. Also, local travel is becoming extremely popular choice, in an effort to boost Vocal for Local campaign in India. So before the onset of 2021, we look at travel trends that could dominate to give the tourism industry worldwide a comeback.

Travel Trends for 2021

Pleasure Flights to Nowhere

Flights to nowhere (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

This trend already took up in 2020, when aircraft companies started flights with no destination but still travel. These flights often provide leisurely facilities and specially designed bigger windows for lower flybys. Qantas Airways experimented with a 7-hour 'flight to nowhere' offering a view of the stunning Great Barrier Reef and other tourist spots in Queensland. The concept was loved and sold out in minutes. Similar concept took off in Taiwan as well and its working well for those who just want to travel, no matter to land on a specific destination.

Revenge Roadtrips

Road trip travel (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The means of travels are seeing a change as maintaining social distance, sanitization takes a priority. Heading out with one's private vehicle seems a safer option, which will thus see a rise of the road trips. Small groups of 3 or 4 are hitting the road, taking the longer road trips instead of choosing public transport and risking themselves. Also, it is more of a revenge mode as 2020 has been spent within four walls of homes. Traveling by own vehicle with same set of people ensures lesser risk to contract the virus. Things You Must Carry For a Hassle-Free Long Road Trip.

Local Travel to Nearby Places

Travel trends (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

 These days, even weekend getaways seem like a leisurely offering. So to cover a travel destination within two days, is to go local. People are choosing more nearby places to explore. It also serves as a benefit to the local industry which thrives on tourists. So, according to a report local travel is picking up more at least in India.

Reunion Vacations

Reunion travel (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The year of 2020 showed us why we miss our friends and family the most. So reunion travels are already being planned by many. We are sure some of you too would be thinking of making a trip with your friends and family with whom you want to catch up from a long time. So on these same lines, reunion travel will emerge as a trend in 2021.

Workcations/Remote Working

Workactions (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The months gone by taught us that some of us really don't need to be in an office space to carry on with our work. And as work from home becomes the new normal, so does the ability to work from anywhere. Workcations have become more than just a new word, but a travel trend that's here to stay. Booking private villas or staying in guest houses, staying connected to work in the day and travel in the evening, has become a suited form of travelling. Remote working has picked up and is bound to continue through the next year.

Socially Distant Private Stays

On the same lines as workcations, people are shifting to private stays for their residence over choosing hotels. With sanitization and social distance becoming a major concern to consider, private homes, away from the crowd are a popular choice.


Other than these major travel trends which will grow in the year, solo travel is likely to continue, as it is one way of maintaining social distancing. Travellers cannot wait for things to go back to normal for them to start exploring again. While we too hope for the same, here's how travel industry can see a boom through the new normal!

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