Winter Wellness: Quick and Easy Tips to Tame Annoying Hair Static in Cold Weather
Winter Hair Static (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It is essential to take extra care of your hair during winters. Not only the dry and chilly weather steal your hair's natural shine but also leave your hair frizzy and rough. One of the most common winter problems with hair is annoying hair static that causes your hair to look just like you have stuck your finger into an electric socket or something. It leaves you with a bad hair day also makes it difficult to tame. The scientific explanation is that, when your hair is charged with electricity, you tend to have static hair which means your hair will have funny looking flyaways. Your hair, made up of atoms that are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons rub with each other one of them loses its electrons and becomes positively charged. The other one, becomes negatively charged and that causes static electricity in hair, aka bad hair day. Winter Skin and Hair Care: How to Pamper Your Tresses and Beat Skin Problems Without Expensive Products During Chilly Weather. 

But fret not, just like there is a solution to everything, you can tame, static hair with a few tricks that you will have to prepare for, beforehand. Simple DIY tricks and help you make your hair look smoother and in control. Here's what you should do:

Hair Oil

One of the healthiest ways to control static hair is to apply natural hair oils regularly. Dry and frizzy hair is more prone to static conducting an electric charge.  Apply hair oil regularly to your hair to save it from dehydration.


Tame the static hair flyaways with hair spray. Before leaving the hair, apply hairspray in on your hair and comb it for a smoother finish. You can also spray your metal comb with hairspray and comb from root to tip before leaving the house.

Special Combs

There are special combs available that help reduce charged electricity from the hair. These metal combs cause the fray hair strands to tame. You must avoid using plastic combs because they lead to more static hair.


During winters your hair needs extra care and nourishment. Condition your hair well and to soften your hair and reduce static. You can also opt for leave-in conditioners to avoid charged electricity in your hair.

This winter promise yourself, self-love and self-care. Simple pampering tricks can help you achieve great skin and hair during winters. Pay special attention to your diet.