Women Share Their Favourite ‘Vagina’ Emojis on Twitter as Part of #EndSmearFear Campaign for Cervical Cancer Awareness
Vagina Emojis (Photo Credits: WikiCommons)

If we ask you about an emoji that denotes a penis, what would you say? An eggplant emoji, right? While we have emojis for the male genitalia what about the vagina? Some women on Twitter have some great options to choose from. A simple Twitter search will show you how women are posting their favourite emojis to describe a vagina and it is beyond beautiful. However, you must know that this is a part of a bigger women's health campaign, known as #EndSmearFear. With Sexual Health Awareness Week 2019 going on, the campaign does seem timely.  Many women are sharing their favourite emoji, which they think represents the vagina.  Most popular ones included the blue butterfly, the rose, the wilted rose, and the peach. Guy Tries to Mansplain the Difference Between a Vagina and Vulva to a Female Gynaecologist, Gets Trolled on Twitter. 

Check Out Some of the Tweets:

Here's From Lesbian


Please Do

Let's Have Our Own Backs

What Is #EndSmearFear Campaign?

Love Island star, Maura Higgins started the #EndSmearFear campaign for a positive cause. She wants to highlight the importance of going for regular smear tests this Sexual Health Awareness Week 2019. The 28-year-old took to Twitter with the hashtag #EndSmearFear to spread awareness about smear tests. She also referenced her Love Island catchphrase "Fanny Flutters" to encourage women to speak openly about "vaginas, cervixes and smear tests". She started off with the campaign by asking her Twitter followers to share their favourite "vagina emoji".  She said that her favourite vagina emoji was the butterfly.

"Smear tests aren't always easy so let's help #EndSmearFear by talking more about them. I got the nation talking about Fanny Flutters now let's do the same with vaginas, cervixes and smear tests! Starting with a hunt for our favourite vagina emoji. Mine is definitely [butterfly emoji].", Maura Higgins wrote on Twitter.