Bengaluru: Video Showing 17-Year-Old Boy Beating Mother With Broom is the Most Shameful Act You Will Witness on Internet
Video Showing 17-Year-Old Boy Beating Mother For Talking 'Ill Things' About Him in Neighbourhood | (Photo Credits: YoutubeScreenshot)

Bengaluru, December 9: In an abhorrent incident, a 17-year-old boy in Bengaluru is seen beating his mother with a broom. The video has gone viral on the internet and is receiving strong reactions from people, with some demanding strict action against the boy.

The video was shot by the boy's sister who dared the boy and said that he can do whatever he can, and that he will be taught a lesson by her for it after the boy showed the broom to her once.

Watch the Disgusting Video Below:

The boy was reportedly unhappy with his mother talking critically of him in the neighbourhood. He is seen telling his mother in the video that if she doesn't stop talking ill about him, he will keep beating her just like this. A Suo Motu case was registered against the minor boy by the police and he was let off with a warning after he gave it in writing that he will not repeat such an act again.

In an even more grave incident from Bengaluru, Sadashivanagar, a 20-year-old man identified as Uttam Kumar allegedly tried to set ablaze his mother for not giving him money to buy alcohol. The woman has been admitted to hospital. A case has been registered and Kumar was not traced by the police, at the time of filing this report.