October is here and so is National Boyfriend Day 2020 that falls on October 3 every year. Boyfriends have always made our lives happier, doing little things that value so much in life. Not like they don't get on our nerves more than we can imagine BUT at the end of the day a few things about them make them the most adorable creatures on the planet. As girlfriends, we have the whole year to crib about them and the stupid things they do but today, let's talk about what makes our boyfriends so amazing. When is Boyfriend’s Day 2020 in India & Other Countries? Know Date and Significance of The Day That Celebrates Your Man!

On National boyfriend day, we must appreciate our boyfriends and let them know how much they mean to us BUT why not tell them how important they are by remembering the little things they have done for us that make the relationship the best thing ever! Here are 5 adorable things that boyfriends do and we wouldn't trade it for the world:

Simping Once in a While

We don't want them to be a simp for us all the time and heck they won't even, when they are amongst the boys but once in a while when they bake cookies with you or agree to get a facial done by you, there is nothing like it!

Unexpected Texts

What's better than receiving random "I Love Yous" and "I miss yous" from him in the middle of a hard day? It is the unexpected texts out of nowhere from the right people that means so much!

Little Surprises

From little cupcakes to small getaways, the small surprises they plan for you, say things so much better than words.

Showing Off To His Friends

Whether you agree or not, you know the feeling you get when he flaunts you in front of your friends or tells them cute things about you!

Protects You

It can be something as simple as putting his arms around you amid a crowd or give a creep a death stare for you, their little acts that reveal how protective he is of you mean so much!

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