Brutal Nantong University Student Pours Boiling Water on His Pet Pup to Punish for Pooping on Bed; Gets Suspended
Representational Image (Photo credits: ewka_pn /Pixabay)

A shocking incident has been reported which has outraged the Chinese social media. The sickening medical student poured boiling water over his pet, as a punishment for pooping near his bed. The postgraduate student from Nantong University, identified as Chen Lilong in reports, has admitted to “punishing” his defenceless pooch, while it screamed in pain. The brutal violence against the dog took place on April 10, in Chen’s rented flat. Further investigations, revealed that Chen often tortured the pet, whenever his supervisors and teachers reprimand him. Chen has been suspended by the university to pursue his studies further. Pet Dog Wakes Up Families in Time to Save Them From Devastating Fire, Dies in Cylinder Blast. 

Chen filmed himself while he was punishing pet Shiba Inu, Chinese for “Strawberry,” with a kettle filled with boiling water before uploading the video on social media—Chinese app WeChat. As per reports, the disturbing clip shows the poor dog whining in pain while being penalised. Looking at the growing outrage online, Chen claimed that he ran cold water over the dog later and said that it was injured, but its condition was not life-threatening. Post the viral video; many people stormed Chen’s flat to confront the cruel pet owner. The authorities of the university and police officials too arrived at the scene. 2 Women Beat 16 Puppies to Death. 

A spokesperson described Chen as “introvert,” in a Chinese news outlet, The Paper, as translated by The Daily Mail. The student who reportedly regretted his behaviour, has been suspended by the university and suggested his parents seek medical assistance for Chen. Meanwhile, Strawberry has been given to the animal shelter to look after.