Chinese Man Tries to Kill Cockroach With Fire and Insecticide, Sets 3 Cars Ablaze (Watch Video)
Man sets 3 cars on fire while trying to kill cockroach (Photo Credits: YouTube Grab and Pixabay)

What do you on spotting a cockroach in your house or anywhere? Freak out? A lot of people are really scared of roaches and especially, the flying cockroaches are really a nightmare. But then there are ways to kill or deal with these creepy insects, and some people make rather brave attempts to get rid of these. A Chinese man's attempt to kill a cockroach using fire and insecticide caused serious damage as it burned up three cars! Chinese Man Wakes Up With Terrible Pain in Ears, Finds Out Family of Cockroaches Living Inside His Ear Canal.

A man from the Fujian city of Quanzhou, China spotted a cockroach in his kitchen. To deal with the roach, he decided to make a flamethrower and used an insecticide. He used a lighter to lit up the flame and sprayed the insecticide, which are highly flammable liquids. The flame rose so much to the point that it broke out from his kitchen and onto the road. A massive explosion took place as the fire grew and three cars on the street were charred down. The entire incident of the fire was caught on video. Cockroaches Become Immune to Pesticides! Roach Haters Worst Nightmare Comes True as Bugs Develop Resistance to Chemicals.

Watch Video of Cars Catching Fire Because of Failed Cockroach Killing Attempt:

Insecticides bottles do have a warning of being highly flammable and to be kept away from fire. This man was clearly unaware and it has resulted in severe losses for the car owner. The cockroach may have certainly died, but the fire engulfing the cars has resulted in a damage of almost Rs 31 lakhs!

This is not the first time a cockroach killing attempt has gone severely wrong. Just last month, a man in Brazil had an infestation of cockroach in his yard. He poured some gasoline and lit a match. His entire lawn blew up as a result! The incident was rather funny and it was caught on video.

Watch the Video Here:

These are clearly bad examples of how one should deal with the roaches in the house or even in the yard. Fire is definitely not the solution to get rid of insects. There are many other insect killer gels and sprays available which can do the job much easily and cost-effective too.