Couple Having Sex Over Balcony Falls to Ground in Russia, Woman Crushed to Death Under Man's Weight
Woman dies after falling off balcony while having sex (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A 30-year-old woman was crushed to death after she fell to the ground while having sex over a balcony in St Petersburg, Russia. It is believed that the man who is 29-year-old survived the fall, but the woman died. As per reports, the man fell on the woman due to which he survived, but the woman did not. It is said that after the incident, the man went back to the building to join his friends upstairs. Nude Pictures And Videos of Minor Girls Lands US Man in Jail For 35 Years, Prosecution Calls Him 'Prolific Sextortionist'.

Police initially believed it was a murder and sex attack as they found the woman with no clothing on the lower half of her body at the base of the building. Officials also found a TV at the scene and thought it to have been the murder weapon. But, witnesses told police that the couple were having sex in the flat and fell over the balcony. It was believed that the woman was killed by the TV which laid next to her. Reportedly, they had been at a party together in the apartment and the woman had had sex with two others. Police said that despite falling on the area with grass patch, the woman died instantly. US Millionaire Has Sex With Minor Girl After Putting Private Plane on Autopilot, Arrested.

Reportedly, the man survived the fall with minor injuries. He has been tracked down and the case is currently under investigation. Two other men who were present at the apartment during the incident are believed to be not incident in the woman's death. When the police were called, people partying in the apartment threw a mop out of the window at them.