Doctors Removing an Ant From Vietnamese Man’s Ears Will Make Your Stomach Churn (Watch Video)
Viral video of doctors removing an ant from the ear. (Photo Credit: Youtube/ Dailymail)

In an extremely gruesome video that is doing the rounds on the internet, a Vietnamese doctor can be seen removing an ant from a patient's ear. The footage shows the tiny insect coming out from the patient's ear canal. Surgeon's otoscope captured the footage of the little insect. According to reports, the doctor handling the case- Dr Hoat says that on December 26th the patient came to him claiming that there was "some kind of insect in his ear." The patient, unnamed went to the hospital in the city of Hải Dương which is around 46miles (75km) from Hanoi. He claims that he woke up to what felt like an insect crawling and even biting the inside of his ear. Doctors Find Live Spider Spinning Webs Inside Chinese Man's Ear, Watch Video!

In the video, you can see Dr Hoat confirming that it is an ant crawling in the man's ear by using an endoscope. The ant can be seen inside the canal the doctor is seen using light to coax the ant out. Then the medic can be seen slightly trying to nudge the insect leading it outside the ear. After a while Dr Hoat is finally able to remove the ant swiftly, using tweezers. He showed the insect to the patient to which the shocked man says, 'how could it crawl into my ear?

Take a look at the video of an ant crawling inside the man's ear-

While it may seem gruesome it is actually not very uncommon for tiny insects like ants or even cockroaches to get into open cavities in your body like nose or ear. It is absolutely important that you visit a professional immediately if you feel a crawling sensation or pain inside your ear.