Donkey Dressed as Farmgirl Wins at a Annual Donkey Contest in Columbia
Donkey dressed as farmgirl won the contest (Photo credits: Twitter/BorneoSights)

A donkey dressed as a flirtatious farmgirl has taken home a top prize from a quirky contest held in Columbia. The people from Moniquira town have always been having donkey contests as a part of celebrations. The annual donkey competition is held for 14 years. So along with donkey races, there is also a beauty contest, more like a fancy dress for the donkeys. So a donkey dressed in a farmgirl attire took home the top prize, among 59 contestants.

Donkeys have been a beloved farm animal, being regular workmates in the mountainous and largely rural Colombia. Although with evolving technology and replacing with vans, the cattle animals have their special place. So those who are a part of the competition put their lengthy manes and bushy eyebrows on the best of the display.

The competition is held to give a recognition to the farmers' lifestyle. "The necessary factor is the participation of farmers, who are sometimes not taken under consideration due to their lifestyle, right here it will be significant," Alvaro Lopez, the proud proprietor of Amasijos, informed Newpaper24. The winning donkey named Lopez had others competing donkey houses dressed well and adorned with respective jewellery. So there were animals with indigenous feathers and necklaces or some in shirts of the Colombian national team. The event finds a way to enjoy the simple lives and also the love for cattle. It is a competition that expresses the best of the cattle life.