Mumbai, January 23: A girl ordered Rs 2,500 worth of Biryani all the way from Bengaluru's famous Megahana Foods on Saturday night while being drunk. The order, placed through the food delivery giant, Zomato, was delivered to her on Sunday afternoon. The girl shared her drunk food ordering experience on Twitter. “Did I drunk order 2500 rs worth of biryani all the way from Bangalore,” the girl, who goes by the username "subiii", wrote while sharing a screenshot of the order. New Year 2023: Swiggy Delivers 1.65 Lakh, Zomato Gets 16,514 Biryani Orders on New Year’s Eve.

Soon, the comment section of her post turned into total chaos. Those who were unaware of Zomato's new service asked "How did they even take the order," Responding to it, subii replied, "Zomato intercity." Many netizens then joined in on the appreciation of the tech city's iconic eatery, however, some were divided opinions about Hyderabad and Kolkata Biryani. Zomato also jumped into the conversation. "Subii, you'll have a happy hangover once the order is at your doorstep. Do let us know about the experience," wrote the food delivery giant. Zomato Food Delivery Scam: User Flags Fraud at Delivery Agents' End, CEO Deepinder Goyal Says 'Fixing Loopholes'.

‘Drunk’ Mumbai Girl Orders Rs 2,500 Worth of Biryani:

Meanwhile, Zomato, who is known for its kickass marketing strategy, took this opportunity to talk about their new service - Zomato Intercity Legends. "Zomato Legends is a new offering by Zomato that ensures delivery of India's most iconic dishes from legendary restaurants across cities by using mobile refrigeration technology which increases the shelf life of the dish. Hopefully, this information will help you to try out this offering," they said.

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