Happy April Fools' Day! The month of April has kicked off and since it is April 1st today, the only thing that better than probably it being payday is that you can prank around without any fear. The day of practical jokes and pranks is here. And if you are not the one to go ahead and prank your loved ones, you can also share with them funny memes and jokes that have the most hilarious punchlines. April 1 brings with itself so many memories from childhood when the days were worriless and we would spend weeks coming up with prank ideas and practical jokes to perform. Right from simple pranks such as replacing normal water with salted water to giving people major scare by telling them you're badly injured, ideas were endless. When did we really grow out of it? Well, if you feel that you've lost touch with the time things were easier and simpler, you can try out some the best April Fools' Day pranks and practical jokes.

It is said that the first April Fools' Day was celebrated in the year 1381. There is a funny story behind celebrating this day. It is King Richard II of England and Queen Anne of Bohemia announced the engagement on "March 32, 1381" People were so happy and they didn't pay heed to the date and started celebrating. Since then, after March 31, April 1 started celebrating as Fool's Day. Well, whatever maybe the reason there is no way we aren't grateful for this fun-filled day.  To celebrate April Fools' Day, we have some of the funniest memes and jokes: April Fools’ Day 2022: Know Date, Origin, History, Significance and How To Celebrate the Day of Playing Jokes and Pranks!



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That Went Downhill Real Quick


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You Know The Rest


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Can't stop laughing, can you? We neither. But coming back to why the day is celebrated. Some people tell a different stories about it. Many historians celebrate the history of this day about 438 years ago when France adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582, leaving the Julian calendar. Where the new year used to start from April 1 in the Julian calendar, it shifted to January 1 in the Gregorian calendar. At the same time, it is said that even after changing the calendar, many people could not understand this change and they were celebrating the new year on April 1.

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