April fool’s day is a western cultural day, celebrated every year on April 1 across the world. People on April Fool’s day trick each other by lying that something like this or that happened or by playing pranks, hoaxes and practical jokes to fool each other. And later reveal the prank, hoax or joke by shouting ‘April fool’ on the person at the receiving end. Though the day is widely celebrated everywhere, it is not a public holiday, except in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. April Fool’s day is considered the joyful day of the year, and people tend to reveal their hilarious side by fooling each other. April Fools' Day 2022 Funny Memes and Jokes: Too Lazy for Physical Pranks? Hilarious Posts to Take a Dig at Your BFFs That is Guaranteed to End With LOLs on April 1st!

History and Origin Of April Fool’s Day

Many historians came up with different origins of April Fool’s day. And with all the uncertain origins of this day, it remains unsettled for us to believe and who do not. Some historians state that the celebration originated after following a new calendar, while some think it is related to the change of seasons. April 2022 Holiday Calendar With Major Indian Festivals and Events: Chaitra Navratri, Ramadan, Good Friday; Check List of All Important Dates and Bank Holidays for the Month.

History.com reports, some historians hypothesize that Pope Gregory XIII was the culprit of the April Fool’s day celebration. He instructed us to replace the old Julian calendar with the new Gregorian calendar. In the old Julian calendar, people celebrated the new year at the end of March or April 1. According to the new Gregorian calendar, the new year was to be celebrated on January 1. France registered the change of following the new calendar, but some Europeans either refused to accept the change or weren’t aware of the change. Hence, they continued following the old Julian calendar and celebrating the new year at the end of March or April. Such people were mocked and made fun of for celebrating the new year on the wrong date and hence called fools.

Significance Of Celebrating April Fools' Day

Professor of history at Boston university Joseph Boskin provided another explanation of April Fool’s day. During the rule of Roman emperor Constantine the Great, he said a group of fools and court jesters told him that they could run the empire better. Constantine, in amusement, handed over the reign to one of the jesters named Kugel for one day. Kugel of nonsensicality passed a decree on that day, which later became an annual custom.

Moreover, many festivals are celebrated at the end of march and around the beginning of April. Like the Romans had a festival called Hilaria on March 25, Jewish celebrate Purim around this time, and the Hindu calendar have Holi. With the transition of winters into springs, the festivities begin, and this time of the year lends itself to so many lighthearted and joyous celebrations, including April Fool’s day.

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