Happy New Year 2019 or 2018? Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show Trolled for Featuring Incorrect Year
Sydney fireworks 2019 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Remember as kids we used to have a hard time adjusting to writing the new date format in the New Year? Well, a similar thing of sorts happened with the organisers at Sydney Opera House during the New Year’s Eve fireworks show. Australia, one of the countries to welcome the New Year was caught in an embarrassing situation after a lighting projection flashed, "Happy New Year 2018!" in front of revellers waiting to ring in New Year 2019. This major gaffe happened in the Emerald city of Sydney with the glaring mistake appearing on one of the pylons of the Harbour Bridge! The island nation became a laughing stock for the Twitterati who had a blast sharing pictures of the bridge with the wrong wish. Sydney New Year Eve 2019 Fireworks: Watch Video of Spectacular Celebrations From The Australian City!

One of the users writes, “Today's tea is that my country of Australia has to relive 2018, due to the wrong year being projected on to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.” A typo took the New Year's Eve revellers back in time for a moment during Monday's fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. An estimated one million people were watching the Sydney NYE fireworks 2019 live on the edge of Sydney Harbour, and a further one billion looked on worldwide exclusive on their television.

Those who were complaining of the year 2018 ended way too quickly must be really happy to be wished with “Happy New Year 2018,” but what about others who were looking forward to welcoming the year 2019. Well, they had a fun time poking fun at the typo on Twitter.

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Watch Video of Happy New Year Australia! Sydney Welcomes in 2019 With Celebratory Fireworks

Australia's largest city Sydney had put on its biggest-ever fireworks display to welcome the New Year and kick off a wave of celebrations for billions around the world. A record amount of pyrotechnics as well as new fireworks effects and colours lightened up the harbour city's skyline for 12 minutes and dazzled the more than 1.5 million spectators expected to crowd foreshores and parks.