Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! From Edible Bouquets to Dried Flowers, Some V-Day Trends That Will Blow Your Mind!
Valentine's Day 2020 Trend (Photo Credits: Wiki, Pixabay and Instagram)

Happy Valentine's Day 2020! It is the most romantic time of the year when couples spread love amongst one another. However, it is also the time when some of the best and the worst trends go viral. Right from funny Valentine's day memes to edible bouquets, fun Valentine's day trend has taken over. However, these are not necessarily required to be enjoyed by people who are in a relationship but really by anyone who wants to. This year Valentine's day falls on a Friday, you can honestly do anything even just by yourself, to enjoy the day. However, here are a few trends you might want to look out for:

Edible Bouquet

Probably the best Valentine's day trend is that of buying an edible bouquet instead of the regular ones with just the flowers. Flower bouquets look good but honestly, they are a lot of work and effort. You have to place them in a vase then when they die, you feel sad because you have to throw them away. But what about a bouquet made up of your favourite food item? For example chicken nugget bouquet or even chocolate bouquet. Isn't it a great idea? This valentine's day the trend of edible bouquets is going viral. Valentine's Day 2020 Gifts: Chicken Nugget Bouquets Are Replacing Flowers And We Think Its a Perfect Gift For Foodies (View Delicious Pics).

Dried Flowers

It might come across as a shock to you but these days people are loving the dried and preserved flowers. The demands for more long-lasting dried flowers are growing, some of them are also being preserved in beautiful pendants and keychains. Giant Penis Pillows for Valentine's Day! Now Include Male Genitalia in Your Valentine's Night Plan Sans the STDs and STIs. 

Valentine’s Day Trending Meme

This year Google India tagged YouTube India a song recommendation on a super hilarious meme that soon became a trend. This funny meme became Valentine's Day 2020 trend that we really can't get over of.

Check Google India's Tweet:

Here's What YouTube India Replied:

Apart from these fun Valentine's Day trends, there is one really awful dating trend that is going viral right before Valentine's day. Also known as, Valentighting is the heartbreaking act of dumping someone right before Valentine's Day to save money.