‘I’m a Celebrity’ James Haskell Filmed Teen Girl Having Sex Without Her Consent; Sleazy Riverboat Party Featured ‘Sex Acts’ and Faeces (Deets Inside)
I’m A Celebrity James Haskell (Photo Credits: Instagram)

I'm A Celebrity star and ex-rugby player, James Haskell has found himself in a pickle after his lurid past life resurfaced in an interview. He confessed in the interview that he filmed a 17-year-old female classmate while she was having sex with his best friend. The past life of Haskell has come back to bite him after the former England rugby player, revealed the crime on record and also spoke about a horrible boat party that witnessed all kinds of humiliating pranks pulled on young athletes, group sex acts and even faeces.

Allegedly the top deck of the riverboat was covered in faecal matter and even demanded that staff working onboard The Hurlingham to turn off the seven CCTV cameras for the Wasps summer party. The incident took place on May 8, 2016, as per the Mirror.

The boat's safety officer Dean Fergusson and several other staff, the events that night, said it was "really disgusting", shocking and "overwhelming". He further explained his horror by saying, "None of us had seen anything like it - it turned into something dark and wrong," as per the Mirror.

Things didn't end here, James allegedly stepped up to the microphone to declare the "kanga court" also known as "the kangaroo court" which is a self-appointed tribunal that goes against the established legal procedure and makes for a dishonest court of law. The safety officer also revealed how the top deck was filled with faeces and what a horrific sight it made. He said: "It was really disgusting and we had to get cleaners in afterwards."

He also described the three-hour party as "turned into something dark and wrong". However, the England player Sam Jones contacted the boat operator and apologised after two days of the party about their act, "on behalf of the boys". As per media reports, he said that the "staff weren't shown the respect they deserve". But the boat owners weren't convinced with an apology alone and complained to the Wasps club to ask for compensation for "distress and damage".