"Kya karu mai itni sundar hu toh, kya karu?" either this tune is stuck into your head and you can't stop humming it or you are thoroughly irritated and can't stand hearing the lines one more time, there is no in-between. Either way, the viral TikTok video once made by a girl making jokes about how she resembles Katrina Kaif is here to stay. Except people are coming up with different versions of it. Now there is a full-fledged, Bollywood style music video that features Ashnoor Kaur. However, fans are not having it. Funny meme and jokes have taken over Twitter and Instagram. Amir Siddiqui's New Music Video 'SORRY' Is an Extended Version of Cringe TikTok Videos EXCEPT in HD! Funny Memes and Jokes With a CarryMinati Tadka Go Viral. 

Remember when Yashraj Mukhate who went viral for the Kokila Ben's "Rasode me kaun tha?" spin-off made a groovy version of "Kya karu mai itni sundar hu toh, kya karu?"? Well, now you have a Punjabi Kya Karu Video Song by Millind Gaba. Yashraj Mukhate also started the whole "Biggini shoot" trend all over again. While people loved the Yashraj Mukhate version, the Ashnoor Kaur music video is being trolled by people with funny memes. Check out the best ones:

Can't Stop Laughing




Kareen Knows It

Perfect Answer

Check out 'Mai Itni sundar hu mai kya karu' video song By Millind Gaba:

Well, we canot talk about the music buy using a catchphrase that is already viral churning out funny memes and jokes seemed like a smart move here. However, many people are calling it a longer version of regular TikTok videos.

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