Leap Day 2020: Ryan Reynolds Gives Leap Year Baby, a '21-Year-Old' Her First Legal Drink and It Is the Cutest Thing You Will See on February 29
Leap year Ryan Reynolds viral video (Photo Credits: Ryan Reynolds/instagram)

Ryan Reynolds is BAE! Funny, hot, charming, smart and cute are merely a few words to describe the handsome actor. Today on leap day, Ryan Reynolds did something that non of us had imagined was possible, the man gave a Leap Year baby Arlene Manko her first legal drink as she turned "21-years-old" today. Yes, it is possibly the cutest thing you'll see today. So, Arlene is a beautiful 84-years-old, but since she is a Leap Year baby, she grows a year older, every four years! So that way she really turns 24 today! Leap Year 2020 Funny Memes and Jokes: New Year Has 366 Days and Here Are Hilarious Leap Year Posts for Extra LOLs. 

So while we wish Arlene a very happy birthday, Ryan Reynolds being the most amazing person that he is, went ahead to celebrate her birthday by giving her, the first legal drink of her life. It is her "legal" drinking age since and she hasn't had any alcohol in her lifetime. "I was technically 5-years-old when I got married," she said with a straight-face, she says in the video that Ryan Reynolds shared on Instagram. She added, "I had seven kids in 10-years, do you think sometimes I didn't want to drink?" But Arlene is now finally ready to consume alcohol and had her first alcoholic beverage ever since she was born.

"Following the rules and doing what you're told is important but I'm ready to party," she said in the video that is now going viral on Instagram now. Towards the end of the video when you see Arlene take her first sip of a refreshing alcoholic drink, you can really feel the satisfaction that you see on her face. Ryan Reynolds shared the video with a caption that read: "Arlene Manko was born in 1936. But tomorrow, she’ll turn 21 years old. #HappyLeapDay". Watch the video for yourself:


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Who better to give Arlene her first sip of alcohol than Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin company? So enjoy the video to make your leap year even more special.