'Lord of Onion Rings' to 'Sex Toy Story', Fun Twitter Trend Has People Adding One Extra Word to Popular Movie Titles
Add one word to movie titles trend (Photo Credits: File Image)

Twitter is a fun place, even more, if you know how to keep a tab on the latest trends and games that people on the microblogging site keep playing. Every few days there are fun trends coming up. Started by any user, as more people join in, it becomes viral. Now the latest one has people adding an extra word in movie titles to make it more fun! You can add the extra word anywhere in the movie title. People have started responding and the results are hilarious. Some of the responses got too sexual and change the complete meaning of the name. People Are Describing Their Sex Life Using GIFs on Twitter and The Results are Hilarious!

Twitter user Ricky Gervais started this #AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun trend and people are participating with great enthusiasm. So Lord of The Rings turns to Lord of The Onion Rings and Toy Story to Sex Toy Story. Get it? It is just as simple and while some responses are too plain, others have got really creative and the meaning change will leave you laughing. Probably, even change the movie for you, the next time you watch it. Type ‘Seduce Me’ Autocomplete Trend Takes On Twitter, Netizens Come Up With Funny Memes and Strange Replies!

Check The Fun Trend of Adding Extra Word to Movie Titles: 

I Want to be Part of This Club

Not For The Kids


It's Getting Sexual

Gang Bang!

Raving It


The High Life

Oh My God!

Aren't the result hilarious? Can you too think of some of the titles of the movie that would be completely changed with just one word? Like we mentioned earlier, such fun viral trends keep coming up here, which make this social media platform more interesting.