Type ‘Seduce Me’ Autocomplete Trend Takes On Twitter, Netizens Come Up With Funny Memes and Strange Replies!
Seduce Me (Photo Credits: Knowyourmeme/Twitter)

Twitter comes up with the craziest things. Remember when Harry Styles tweeted “do” and the whole internet population came together to trend “do what”? And when Twitter's official Instagram tweeted "Look Up"? Something similar is going viral as people as asking other Twitter users to seduce them. A tweet fro October went viral that asked people to type “seduce me” and let their keyboard do the rest of the talking. Needless to say, we got a lot of memes and hilarious reactions with this! Twitter Instructs People to ‘Look Up’ and the Replies and Funny Memes Are Making Everyone Laugh.

Seduce me with your parents? That’s what a Twitter user got when they followed a trend. A tweet reading, “Type "Seduce me with your ..." and Let your keyboard complete the sentence.” started a new trend where people are letting their keyboard take over after “seduce me” and the replies and reactions are gold! Here are some of the funniest replies to the tweet. Apple iPhone 11 Funny Memes and Jokes: From Trypophobia to Fidget Spinners Check Best Tweets on The New iPhone Series.

The Tweet That Started It All 


Why Not?



I Can Try?



That Got Awkward

Depends on What's Being Called a 'Pokemon'

Losing Our Last Two Brain Cells

Spooktober Strikes Again!

No, Thank You

My What Now?!

Twitter is full of such crazy replies. If you look for "seduce me", you'll get to see the funniest tweets on this. But if you do want to go through them, you will end up seeing a lot of weird and creepy things. Be careful, you have been warned!