Man Runs After a Ryanair Flight at Dublin Airport Yelling at Pilot to Stop, Arrested
Ryanair flight (Photo credits: Twitter)

Missing your flight can be a terrible experience. And a passenger could not resist running after the plane and shouting at the pilot to stop as his plane was leaving. The incident took place at Dublin airport where a man in his 20s began chasing a Ryanair flight that was headed to Amsterdam. He has been arrested by the police.

The man banged on the window of the terminal and kept asking the ground crew to stop the plane. A ground member of the crew said, the man "just ran from the building towards the plane." Two police cars along with a van had to deal with the incident. He was arrested and taken to  Ballymun Garda Station. He is now expected to appear at Dublin's Criminal Courts of Justice to face charges about the incident. The flight departed 21 minutes later than its schedule. Ryanair Flight from Dublin to Croatia Makes an Emergency Landing, Passengers Suffer Due to Low Cabin Air Pressure.

Here's a Tweet About the Dublin Airport Incident

The airport spokesperson gave a statement, "A male and female passenger were late for a Ryanair flight to Amsterdam this morning and arrived at the boarding gate after the flight had closed. They were engaging with Ryanair staff at the gate and the male passenger was becoming agitated." He rushed and even broke the door, made his way to flag the aircraft down. When the police arrived there was a scuffle and pinned down the person.