Twitter is a fun place to be and there are several trends that netizens be a part of. It could be a simple tweet starting a really stupid idea and when more and more people join it, becomes viral. Be it messaging your number neighbour or just completing some sentences with autocorrect, such trends catch up and go viral. A fun trend that has been started by one of the users that has asked users to replace the word "Dil" in Bollywood songs with the word "Dick." And as people joined in, the results are wild! If you have a dirty mind then this tweet is for you, for others, sorry but a lot of your favourite songs would not be the same anymore. Type ‘Seduce Me’ Autocomplete Trend Takes On Twitter, Netizens Come Up With Funny Memes and Strange Replies!

Twitter user Wormbook with a handle @Divye__ started this trend and gave in his own suggestions in the thread. As few more users joined along, the tweet is going viral. The tweet has already been retweeted 270 times and over a thousand likes. And it would not be wrong to say, that almost every song in Bollywood has the word "Dil" (meaning heart) at least once, if not more. With so many songs to explore, a lot of people began replacing Dil with Dick and the results are hilarious! Funny Indian Brand Taglines Are Full of Double Meanings if Taken Out of 'Product' Context.

Check The Tweet Below:

Check the Funny Replies Below:

Oh, You're Here?


So Many Songs Are Destroyed!

Le gaye?



Pun Game on Point!

People Are Addic*ted!

The tweet has thus got several funny responses and many songs are destroyed in meanings with one-word change. If you are a lover of Bollywood songs, then we too are sorry to reveal you this destruction. Meanwhile, what are the other songs that you can think of here?

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