#MCDontShare! Gully Boy's MC Sher Inspires Mumbai Police to Bust Fake News Menace
Gully Boy's MC Sher (Photo Credits: Mumbai Police Twitter)

With the growth of social media, tackling fake news has become extremely difficult. While WhatsApp has reduced the number of forwards a person can be sent in a day, rumours and irrelevant content continues to be shared widely on social media. And now Mumbai Police has also joined the bandwagon aimed at reducing the circulation of fake news. The cops' Twitter handle tweeted a scene from a song in the Ranveer Singh movie Gully Boy to #KillFakeNews.

The city police which is known for their wit and creative posts on Twitter took reference from the song 'Bhag Aaya Sher' featuring Siddhant Chaturvedi and tweaked the lyrics to 'Bhag Bhag Bhag Aaya Share Aaya Share!' They tweeted the picture with the caption, "Every time someone shares a fake news! #MCDontShare #KillFakeNews #SochKeShareKaro". Gully Boy Siddhant Chaturvedi's Talent and Undeniable Charm Will Leave You Impressed - View Pics.

Here is the Mumbai Police's tweet:

Last week too Mumbai Police had tweeted a series of posters against fake news using logos of popular messaging apps and social media sites. They captioned it saying, "Every unverified forward, share or RT has the potential to cause harm. #KillFakeNews".The tweet aimed at creating awareness on the importance of stopping fake news. Through pictorial representation, it showed how social media can be misused to spread chaos, terror and even 'tarnish reputation' of people. Mumbai Police’s Epic Flowchart Lets You Decide Whether the WhatsApp Message Is Fake or Worth Forwarding.

Check out the tweet below:

Here's the original song:

The Gully Boy tweet quickly found an audience on Twitter who praised the social media handlers for the witty post. Mumbai Police are known for coming up with innovative posts on various social issues to create awareness on different topics. The cops often come up with references using popular movies, TV shows, Netflix series trying to relate with the youth.