Mumbai Skies Are Unusually Blue Today and the Internet Is Mesmerised (View Pics of Beautiful Skyline)
Mumbai Skies Are Unusually Blue Today (Photo Credits: @MohitSoniTZ/ @lordvader/ @rahul_seo/ Twitter)

Mumbaikars are experiencing monsoon at the moment. Despite annoying traffic and delays in the local train, waking up to pleasant mornings is citizens' delight this season. However, today was partly different. Instead of the grey rain clouds, the sky was bright, clear and unusually blue. The view is so rare that Mumbaikars could not control but share some mesmerising pictures of the beautiful skyline on social media. People paused the everyday hustle to stare at the view above their heads. It is nature’s bliss showering on Twitter today and netizens are captivated by the viral pics. Mumbai Rains 2019: As The City Experiences its First Heavy Showers, Funny Monsoon Memes Flood The Internet. 

KS Hosalikar, the deputy director-general of meteorology at the Indian Meteorological Department, Mumbai, noted in his tweet that July has been a month of variability. Starting with heavy rains, to record all-time maximum temperature of 36+ degree to thunder with lightning to today’s bright blue sky, the city is blessed with some enthralling weather. The pollution levels in the city were also down. Mumbai's Air Quality Index on Tuesday morning was reported to be  “good". #FridayFeeling in Place As Twitterati Enjoy First Heavy Rains in Mumbai, Check Viral Videos & Images. 

Stunning Images of the Skyline Graces Twitter

HD Clearity!

Very Rare View!

Some More Beautiful Images 

Oh, We Can't Stop!

Fluffy Clouds Floating Away.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, take a break and stare at the sky, it is a different story to tell today. While the citizens are enjoying the unusually bright blue skyline, weather reports note that rainfall may increase from July 25, 2019, wherein some moderate rains are expected, which shall further increase during the weekend.