OnlyFans queen Mia Khalifa is just as goofy as all of us and her shower video is proof. No, we are not talking about her looking 1000 times HOTTER than us in the shower than us but she turns into a rockstar as well! Yes, her husband Rober Sandberg captured her little live concert in the shower and shared the funny video with us. The beauty recently raked $160,000 for charity via OnlyFans. This Instagram in which he snuck up on her as she was belting out some notes. The former adult film star has since taken her fame acquired from the three-month stint she had filmed a handful of movies in the adult film industry in 2014 and tapped back into her roots with an OnlyFans account that has seen its profit going towards charity.

Recent revelations made all the youngsters on TikTok vouch for #JusticeForMiaKhalifa after she shed lights on how she was tricked and sexually abused in her initial days by a vogue photographer and it is the most infuriating detail, the last straw. But the good news is that a petition demanding justice for Mia Khalifa has already received one million signatures. The petition demands Mia Khalifa's domain name to be returned and her videos to be removed by big enterprises.  Mia Khalifa Reveals Chilling Secrets From The Time Her Famous Hijab Video Went Viral and How She Was Sexually Exploited by 'Vogue Photographer' and Bang Bros. 

Robert Sandberg shared the adorable video with a caption that read: "The reason I’m off key is because I’m only pretending to relate to the song, heart’s not in it".

Watch Video of Mia Khalifa Singing in the Shower:


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