Pikachu Outbreak Takes over, Yokohama, Japan! Check out Cute Pictures and Videos of the Amazing Festival Week and Other Deets
Pikachu Festival 2019 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The unique Pikachu festival is back and people will once again be able to witness the amazing sight of over 2,000 Pikachus hanging out in Yokohama’s Minatormira District for the annual festival. This one of a kind festival is a treat to the eyes and especially for people who love the cute pokemon, Pikachu. This picturesque event will take place in Japan’s second-largest city, about 20 minutes south of Tokyo from August 6 to Aug 12. Although, the character, Pokemon is an imaginary one, it has a special place in everyone's heart. The event will see most of the outdoor activities happening in the evening so that visitors can enjoy the performances of Pikachu with special effects of the latest projection mapping technology no just in Minatormira District but in other locations as well. Highlights during the festival include the parades by dozens of large Pikachu and Eevee. Pokemon GO's Event to Promote New App Pokemon Sleep Will Have Snorlax Napping Everywhere.

Check out of the best pics and videos of the Pikachu festival kickstarting:

I can watch it all day!

If this doesn't make you day, I don't know what ever will!


I can't even...

Apparently, when you buy the tickets for the festival, you also get greeted with a "Pika-Pika" in the cutest way. Also, reports have it that they hold real-life events mimicking the Pokémon-game, Pokemon Go.