Mumbai, January 29: A wax museum in Germany is under fire for giving Queen Elizabeth II's wax statue a 'bald' head. The museum in question is the Panoptikum wax museum, located at Hamburg in Germany. The bald replica of the 95-year-old monarch has sparked widespread outrage across Britain.

The waxwork portrays the Queen in a pink suit, complete with a pink hat, a pair of pearl earrings, along with the pearl necklace and a brooch attached on the left side of her outfit, where the Queen normally wears. Crossbow-Wielding Man Threatens to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth to Avenge Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.

Dr. Susanne Faerber, managing partner of the Panoptikum in Hamburg, lifted the hat off the wax model of the English monarch as she combed the hair that protrudes from beneath it at a photocall for the press, reported the DailyMail. Dr. Faerber revealed "As we are using real human hair for our waxworks which is very expensive, some figures which have hats don’t have complete hair’. ‘We just install the amount of hair which is visible for the visitors.’ she added.

Dr. Faerber said, "It is a waxwork, not the real person, this should always be kept in mind." when she was asked if she thought it was disrespect towards the Queen to show her bald. Madam Tussauds London Redresses Donald Trump's Wax Statue in a Golfing Attire; Calls It His 'Potential 2021 Wardrobe'.

The Panoptikum museum was established by Dr. Faerber's great-great-grandfather in 1879. Reportedly, the wax statue houses more than 120 wax figures, including Donald Trump, Pope Benedict XVI, climate activist Greta Thunberg, and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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